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YMCAs Urge Swim Safety and Water Wise. Safe Swimming Saves Lives


Swimming is among the most enjoyable and beneficial physical activities in a kid’s life but also a very dangerous activity.‭ ‬ According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,‭ ‬every day,‭ ‬about ten people die from unintentional drowning.‭ ‬Of these,‭ ‬two will be children aged‭ ‬14‭ ‬or younger.‭ ‬Drowning is the sixth leading cause of unintentional injury death for people of all ages,‭ ‬and the‭ ‬second leading cause of death for children ages‭ ‬1‭ ‬to‭ ‬14‭ ‬years.‭ ‬ For every child who dies from drowning,‭ ‬another four received emergency department care for nonfatal submission injuries.‭ ‬Nonfatal drownings can cause brain damage that may result in long-term disabilities including memory problems,‭ ‬learning disabilities,‭ ‬and permanent loss of basic functions.‭ 
Eighty percent of the drowning deaths occur between May and September.‭ ‬The‭ ‬start of the summer‭ ‬is here and families are preparing for the seasonal water related activities.‭ ‬ YMCAs urge swim safety for children and encourage families to be vigilant as they head toward the water.‭ 
  -In the time it takes to cross a room or pool deck for a towel‭ – ‬ 10‭ ‬seconds‭ – ‬a child can be submerged.‭ 
  -In the time it takes to answer a phone‎ – ‏2‎ ‏minutes‭ – ‬a child can lose consciousness.‭ 
  -In the time it takes to answer the door‎ – ‏4‎ ‏to‭ ‬6‭ ‬minutes‭ – ‬a child submerged can sustain permanent brain damage.‭ 
Children drown silently and quickly‭ – ‬in a matter of seconds.‭ ‬Adults present when a child drowns are often distracted in some way‭ – ‬talking on the phone,‭ ‬chatting with other adults etc‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ 
The important message is to never leave a child alone near a pool,‭ ‬spa,‭ ‬bathtub,‭ ‬toilet,‭ ‬bucket or any standing water in which a child’s nose or mouth may be submerged.‭ (‬One inch of water that cover’s a child’s mouth and nose can cause drowning.‭)‬ A drowning can happen anywhere.‭ 
The YMCA has outlined several important precautionary measures‭ ‬that should be taken to ensure children’s safety around water.‭ ‬Additional information is available at

Create layers of protection between the water and your children:‭ ‬Proper fencing and gates around pools,‭ ‬sturdy pool coverings,‭ ‬install alarms on doors and windows that lead to the pool and have rescue equipment mounted by the pool.‭ 

Proper parental or adult supervision at all times.‭ ‬Provide‭ “‬reach supervision‭” ‬-‭ ‬always be within arm’s reach of a child who isn’t an experienced swimmer.

When there are several adults present and children are swimming,‭ ‬designate an‭ “‬on-duty‭” ‬adult to ensure supervision at all times.

Stress the importance of never swimming alone.

Swim safety lessons for all children who will be exposed to water.‭ 

Learn to swim:‭ ‬If you get tired,‭ ‬knowing that you can turn over and float on your back to catch a breath,‭ ‬may mean the difference between life and death.

Let someone know when you are going to swim

Never swim in a pool that you cannot see the bottom

Posting and enforcement of pool rules

Be ready for an emergency‭;‬ have the proper water rescue devices,‭ ‬a first-aid preparedness kit and be able to perform CPR.‭ ‬Never try to go into the water to save someone.‭ ‬Use something that you can reach the victim with like a noodle,‭ ‬pool buoy,‭ ‬pole etc‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ 

Have phone access near the water area.‭ 

The YMCA,‭ ‬America’s Favorite Swim Instructor,‭ ‬has been teaching children and adults to swim for more than‭ ‬100‭ ‬years.‭ ‬The Y invented group swim lessons‭! ‬Learning to Swim at the YMCA is more than just stroke development,‭ ‬techniques and skills.‭ ‬Classes are divided into ability groups and trained instructors emphasize‭ ‬personal safety,‭ ‬swimming skills,‭ ‬endurance and social skills while guiding students with praise and encouragement.‭ ‬FUN with a Splash of Confidence‭!
The‭ ‬South‭ ‬Montgomery‭ ‬County‭ ‬YMCA offers swim lessons‭ ‬throughout the summer and all year long.‭ ‬The Summer Swim Program‭ ‬includes Parent/Child classes‭ ‬for ages‭ ‬6‭ – ‬36‭ ‬months,‭ ‬Pre-School‭ ‬classes‭ ‬for ages‭ ‬3‭ –‬ 5‭ ‬years,‭ ‬and‭ ‬Youth classes for‭ ‬children ages‭ ‬6‭ ‬years and older.‭  ‬The YMCA also has classes available for adults.‭ ‬ Weekday‭ ‬Morning and evening classes meet Monday‭ – ‬Thursday for‭ ‬2‭ ‬weeks.‭ ‬Classes are‭ ‬30‭ ‬minutes in length.‭ ‬ Saturday‭ ‬classes for youth are also available.‭ ‬Weekend classes meet once a week for‭ ‬4‭ ‬weeks.‭ ‬For those swimmers who need individual attention,‭ ‬private lessons are‭ ‬available.‭ ‬In addition to swim lessons,‭ ‬the Y also offers stroke booster class,‭ ‬youth swim league,‭ ‬youth swim team,‭ ‬masters swim,‭ ‬lifeguard training and water aerobics classes.‭ ‬The summer sessions begin June‭ ‬4‭ ‬and continue through August.
Swimming is a life skill that all children should have the chance to learn.‭ ‬Safe swimming saves lives.‭ ‬The YMCA strives to turn no one away for the inability to pay.‭ ‬Financial assistance is available to families,‭ ‬that substantiate a need,‭ ‬based on available resources.‭ ‬ The YMCA is committed to providing programs that build healthy spirit,‭ ‬mind and body for everyone.
For more information on Y Swim Lessons and other YMCA‭ ‬Classic Summer Fun programs,‭ ‬please call‭ ‬the‭ ‬South‭ ‬Montgomery‭ ‬County YMCAs in The Woodlands at‭ ‬281-367-9622‭ ‬or‭ ‬visit‭ ‬