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YMCA Annual Campaign Celebrates Success Strengthening the Foundation of our Community

YMCA Annual Campaign Celebrates Success

Strengthening the Foundation of our Community


The South Montgomery County YMCA is proud to announce the conclusion of a very successful Annual Campaign. The goal for the 2014 Campaign was 630,000. To date more than $650,000 has been pledged to help keep the YMCA available to all who reside in South Montgomery County. These funds will enable the YMCA to award more than 2000 scholarships – providing local children and families a helping hand all year long so they may gain the positive benefits of participating in YMCA values based programs like swim lessons, summer camp, youth sports, child care and much more.


According to Mark Cochran, YMCA Regional Development Director, “Exceeding the goal is much more than a number. It is about the people that we serve through the programs that the YMCA offers. It is about the wonderful YMCA work that is being done on a daily basis: Providing childcare and after school care for the single parent who would otherwise not be able to work; Providing kids an opportunity to play sports or learn to swim; Providing leadership programs for our teens to help them become the future leaders in our community; Expanding the Outreach program so more kids will get the much needed tutoring and support needed to become successful; Providing  the opportunity for more kids to experience the fun and learning at YMCA Summer Day Camp instead of being home alone unsupervised throughout the summer. Thank you for helping keep the YMCA available for all. The  for all is so important to the YMCA. This work is at the heart of the Y mission.”


The success of the campaign can be attributed to the commitment of our volunteers and staff to the YMCA. These funds were raised by more than 150 caring volunteers, members and staff who shared the YMCA story with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and other Y members. “The Y story are those stories that come from many different people who have all kinds of different circumstances surrounding them”, Mark Cochran explains. “These stories could be a co-worker, a family member, your next door neighbor, a child on your son’s sports team. The overwhelming generosity of the community allows us to continue bringing our positive programs to those who need it most. We are helping people by giving them a hand up when times are tough. With everyone’s help, we are now able to give kids and families greater access to the wonderful opportunities offered at the Y. Thank you to the more than 1000 individuals, corporations and community organizations that pledged to the 2014 campaign.”


A special thank you to the 2014 Campaign Leadership:

George Delong and John Landsbaum, Campaign Co/Chairmen

Division Leaders:  Sharon Durio, Enrique Sanabria, George Delong,  Jan Sieving, Keith Chometsky and Scott Cigich.



Congratulations to the campaigners who were recognized for their outstanding contribution, commitment and support to the 2014 campaign:


YMCA Seniors: Most Pledges Reported

David Bond: Most New Dollars Reported

Enrique Sanabria: Division Leader of the Year

David Bond: Rookie Campaigner of the Year

Simone Bergsrud: Veteran Campaigner of the Year

Sharon Durio: Campaigner of the Year

All funds raised by the South Montgomery County YMCA remain here to assist the families and children living in the communities of South County. The YMCA strives to turn no one away from our programs due to limited financial resources. Lives are impacted every day through YMCA community outreach, thanks to the generosity of donors to the annual giving campaign. “No matter how little or how much the donation may be, every gift donated to the  Campaign is an investment in the children within our community,” said Mark Cochran, Regional Development Director. “Thousands of stories and memories are created each day at a Y.  Children experience their first swim lesson, sports activity or special camp moment at the YMCA.  Families journey through some of the most rewarding chapters of their lives while at the Y,” said Cochran.


The YMCA is more than a place to work out, more than a swimming pool or a gymnasium. The YMCA is a place where families can belong, grow and develop in spirit, mind and body.. Donations underwrite YMCA programs like child care, swim lessons and apartment outreach. They also help send students to leadership conferences or to summer camp, while providing after school care for families in need. All of these Y services provide families in South Montgomery County with hope for a positive future and equip children with skills and core values. The Y’s vision is to strengthen the foundation of our community by working to prevent childhood obesity, improve academic performance and strengthen family relationship. The dollars raised through this campaign do just that


Even though the campaign exceeded the goal, the need is much greater than the funds raised and the need continues to grow.  Gifts are accepted year round. If you would like to pledge a gift or know of someone who needs our help, please call Mark Cochran, YMCA Regional Development Director, 281-685-2371.




PICTURED: John Landsbaum, Campaign Co-Chair, presenting Campaigner of the Year award to Sharon Durio.