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Why Chiropractic for my child? … “Her back doesn’t hurt…”


Why Chiropractic for my child? … “Her back doesn’t hurt…”

Many parents don’t realize the benefits that chiropractic care can offer their children. After all their child’s back does not hurt and isn’t a chiropractor for back pain? Although chiropractic has been shown to improve back pain, it is capable of so much more especially with children!

Chiropractors work with the nervous system, which is a system of millions of nerves working together to perform every movement and task our body is required to do! Because of this relationship with the nervous system chiropractic is able to help with a wide variety of things including colic, constipation, bedwetting, asthma, ADHA/ADD and much more.

During the chiropractic exam the doctor is looking for areas of the spine that are causing interference on the nervous system. These interferences can often be contributing to the conditions listed above. Once these interferences are found the chiropractor uses a specific and gentle adjusting technique to remove the interference and allow the nervous system to communicate optimally again. When adjusting an infant the amount of pressure that is used it equal to the pressure applied to test a ripe tomato.

You may be wondering how these interferences or subluxations can occur in a child; physical, emotional and toxic stresses all contribute to subluxations. Physical stress can begin within the womb if the baby is positioned in a twisted or turned way. Difficult or traumatic births can also lead to increased stress on the baby’s head, spinal column and even pelvis. We all know there is no stopping the tumble and falls of a child once he or she begins to learn to walk, ride a bike or begins to play sports. The pain from these physical stresses often seems to go away with time however the underlying cause is still present and can case issues later on in life.

Emotional and toxic stresses can also cause subluxations indirectly. Negative emotional stresses such as low self-esteem, anxiety, or frustration can take a toll on the body and lower its ability to adapt and stay healthy. Toxins in our environment are nearly impossible to avoid these days between pesticides on our foods, processed foods, cleaning supplies, etc. These toxins contribute even more to our bodies’ inability to adapt and prevent subluxation or stress on the nervous system.

Chiropractors are able to locate and remove the pressure on the nervous which in returns allows our bodies to communicate effectively and heal in the way it was designed to!! Remember it is never to late to be seen by a chiropractor!

Dr. Zach Behnke

Peak Potential Family Chiropractic

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