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What can you DO about it?

With whatever challenge your child is facing (for us it’s Benign Rolandic Epilepsy diagnosed in my 5 year old), parents are desperate for anything THEY can do to make their child’s life easier and their health stronger. This is a starting list of what I can do. Please add to it as you have ideas or experience…


1) Sleep – A lack of sleep can set off seizures in a brain more likely to have them. Sleep deprivation in ANYONE, young or old, causes a myriad of issues. We will start winding down the house about an hour before bedtime. Turn off electronics and turn down the lights. Kids asleep by 8:30 pm.

2) Foods – I want her little body to have every nutrient it needs so that as it grows (and heals itself) it has the necessary tools. That I can control. We are looking into micronutrient testing. We’ve had the MTHFR mutation tested for and we’ve done the food allergy panels. We will also cut off eating at 6:30 pm. It’s supposed to be good for the whole family (to skip the “4th meal” I mean). With my little one, she will be safer at night (less likely to aspirate if she vomits during a seizure) if her tummy isn’t full at the time. I’m a little concerned about a dip in blood sugar by breakfast time though… must do more research….

3) Stress / excitement – I will work on keeping life calm & normal. (Adding in extra rest when we’ve had extra stress) The day before her last seizure, our heat came on in the house for the first time. The dust that had accumulated incinerated and the whole house smelled like it was on fire. I woke everyone up (6:00 am) and got them out in a rushed panic. No nap that day. The day of the seizure, she spent an hour and a half jumping around at kid play place and then another hour and a half playing with friends at a restaurant (aka – another big exciting day). I laid down with her to nap at 3:45pm that afternoon and she had a seizure at 4:15pm.  I think the poor thing was just worn out from the last two days of excitement.

Please share with us: What have you tried that has helped? What research has helped? What support can we provide for you? Kidnnected is dedicated to bringing you the best events, adventures and advice our area has to offer. The best advice is often your neighbor who is experiencing the same thing.

Love to you all
-The Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting