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    Priority Emergency Room

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Priority Emergency Room


priority emergency

Priority Emergency Room is a freestanding emergency center that allows patients to receive the same level of emergency care as the hospital with minimal wait times and a higher level of personal interaction with the physicians and nursing staff. Owned by a small group of experienced  Board Certified Emergency Physicians, Priority Emergency Room is changing the way patients experience emergency care by offering a spa-like environment with exceptional personal care and attention. This personalized care is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Priority Emergency Room employs experienced physicians and medical staff  capable of treating patients of all ages and most all urgent and emergent medical conditions. Priority Emergency Room also has state of the art diagnostic medical equipment that allows for expedited diagnosis and treatment. Finally, Priority Emergency Room is equipped with a COLA certified lab for fast, reliable test results.

Priority ER is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and accepts all major insurance plans.  It has an onsite lab offering CT scan and X-ray services so you can interface seamlessly with your physician with quick access and transfer to local hospitals.

Priority Emergency Room’s services include:

  • X-ray
  • CT-scan
  • Ultrasound
  • Lab tests (blood, urine)
  • Strep, Mono, Influenza tests
  • Sutures (stitches)
  • Fracture treatment
  • Treatment of joint dislocations
  • Treatment of respiratory illnesses including asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis
  • Treatment of abdominal pain, urinary tract infections, gynecological infections and kidney stones
  • Treatment of allergic reactions, skin infections and abscesses

Priority ER aims to help you in any way possible.  Remember, your health is its priority.  Priority ER has two locations in the Houston area.  The Katy location is at 23114 Seven Meadows Parkway and The Woodlands location is at 3759 FM 1488, Suite 500.  Priority ER also offers convenient parking at both locations.  For more information, call 281-347-6000 for the Katy location or 832-261-1225, or visit

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