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Marriage Minute: Toilet Paper Show Down

Dear Date Night –

We’ve been married for 6 months now and there’s something about him that is driving me crazy!  He never refills the toilet paper.  I know that sounds petty, but how can he be so oblivious!  If we’re out of paper in one bathroom, he simply goes to the other one.  I’m tempted to take all the paper out of both bathrooms and just bring  a roll with me when I need it.  How can I get him to change this?


Natalie in Cypress


Dear Natalie,

Let’s start off by taking this glass from half empty to half full.  What DOES your husband do?  Does he mow the lawn, water the plants, change the oil in the cars, carry in groceries, pay the bills as they come in, bring you a cup of coffee in the morning, do the driving on long car trips?  I’m hoping if you take a step back, you’ll appreciate him for the 1,000 little things he does do for you and let this one go.  Reversing it, is there anything he’d be frustrated at you for not doing?  Do you steel the covers at night, drink the last of the milk, borrow his razor and leave it dull?  My point is: to have a long and happy marriage you have to be willing to let go of the little stuff and learn to appreciate each other.

I would suggest investing in HAPPY TIMES.  Make sure you are still going on dates, getting dressed up for each other and taking time to just sit and talk.  To have the privilege and joy of going through life with a partner is one of the most beautiful things about being a grown-up.

Let this one go.



Date Night Kidnnected