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Tips for Summertime Snacking

Tips for Summertime Snacking

Having your kids home for the summer ensures that you get to control the food they fuel their body with. Placing healthy items at their eye level or in an open bowl will increase the chances of your child eating them. Here are 5 ideas to help fuel your kids with great nutrition while also making it fun for them!

1. Pretzel K-bobs: use stick pretzels to make healthy K-bobs. Let your kids be creative and make their own using grapes, berries, cherry tomatoes, or whatever they can come up with.


2. Smoothies- What better way to cram several fruits into one snack than with a smoothie! You can try all kinds of combinations so your kids will never get bored with it. Don’t forget to sneak in some spinach or kale-it adds great nutrition without changing the flavor.


3. Make-your-own popsicles: Ready to cool off is with a popsicle? Make your own healthy one! You can use a popsicle mold, or just use your ice cube tray and some popsicle sticks. Pour in some fruit juice or left over smoothie and freeze overnight for best results.


4. Make a game out of it: If you have competitive kids, use that to your advantage. Assign different points to different amounts of food (5 carrot sticks= 3 points, 1 apple= 5 points, etc). Then set a goal that must be reached by a certain time (25 points by dinner) or just see which sibling can get the most points.

5. Pick-your-own: Another great idea to get your kids interested in eating healthier is to take them to a local farm or farmer’s market. The fruit and vegetables are fresh, local, and organic. Let your child pick their own food and see how it is grown. It is a great summertime activity for the whole family.

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Remember that summer time means outside in the heat. As Gennie Busse always says, “Make sure that you give your kids a drink of water throughout the day and before snacks and meal time. This will ensure they stay hydrated”.


For more information on fueling your little ones contact Katherine Williams for assistance at

Gennie Busse

Juice Plus Healthy Living Coach