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Time Apart

Dear Obsessive Mother's Guide to Parenting,

           I need some help.  My two daughters have been fighting more than usual.  I think it's because they are both home together right now.  I'm worried about their relationship and frankly, I'm fed up with the bickering.  When I take a side, the other one gets hurt.  When I don't take a side, they both do.  I'm ready for it to stop.  Please help.


Connie from Tomball


Dear Connie,

           Anyone with more than one child feels your pain.  My dad used to joke that my sister and I would say things like, "She's stepping on my shadow.  She's breathing my air…." and other ridiculous gripes.  Here is our Obsessive advice.  Teach your child to KNOW THYSELF.  

           It is perfectly fine to get frustrated with someone. It is perfectly fine to want a break from them.  Often a few moments away can refresh a relationship and bring the patience and volume levels back to normal.  Teach your child to recognize when they need to say the words, "Mom, I need to go have some quiet time."  Quiet time means the child is allowed to go somewhere in the house by herself and read a book or play on a tablet.  One wonders if the Hulk would have had his green temper problem if he'd learned to back away when he started to lose his cool.

          See how they do with this escape clause in their relationship and report back to us on their arguing.  Obsessive Parenting is big on supporting sibling relationships and applauds you for caring so much about how they get along.  Happy Obsessive Parenting!

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