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The Woodlands Township Holiday Activities

woodlands township

Plan your Holiday Activities with the Woodlands Township!

The Woodlands Township is the governmental service provider for residents and businesses, providing enhanced law enforcement services, fire protection,environmental services, parks and recreation, economic development and more. The Woodlands Township is primarily funded by property tax, sales and use tax, hotel occupancy tax, and program revenues.

Here is a quick glance of major program areas and initiatives within The Woodlands Township:

• Capital Projects
• Convention & Visitors Bureau
• Covenant Administration
• Economic Development Programs
• Environmental Education
• Fire Protection
• Garbage and Recycling Collection
• General Administrative and Professional Management
• Law Enforcement
• Legislative Initiatives
• Neighborhood Services
• Parks and Pathways Maintenance and Operations
• Parks and Recreational Programming (Swimming Pools and Aquatics Programming, Recreation Center Programs, Park Programs and Special Events)
• Public Safety
• Signage
• Street Lighting
• Streetscape Maintenance
• Transportation


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The Woodlands Township works in a variety of capacities and is committed to supporting the highest quality of life for its residents, businesses and visitors. 

The Woodlands Township
We are committed to supporting the highest quality of life for its residents, businesses & visitors.