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The Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry: Healthy Teeth and Gums


The Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry is a strong believer in helping kids understand the importance of healthy teeth and gums and to help your kids learn all about it they have shared a helpful guide.


Quick Facts:

The tooth has more to it than meets the eye. It is made up of enamel which is what protects our nerves. The nerve is the heart of our teeth; what keeps them alive. Your gums are what holds your tooth in place. The crown of the tooth is the part of the tooth that is exposed above your gums that you can see with your eyes. The root is the part of your tooth you cannot see that keeps your tooth “rooted” into bone. When we take x-rays at the office, we are able to see the entire tooth including any decay that may be existent in the enamel and that could be harmful to the nerve. Now you know your teeth better, make sure you are not only brushing your teeth and gums twice daily but also getting your regular check ups and annual x-rays.

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 About Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry

Scott A. Anderson, DDS

Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to serving the dental health needs of your child, through  a fun, kid-friendly office dedicated to making the dental  experience for your child comfortable. The Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry offers continuing dental care for your child that includes regular check-ups, cleanings, sealants, fillings and limited orthodontic treatment.
 Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry is located at 4850 W. Panther Creek Drive #102 | The Woodlands, TX 77381 | Phone: (281) 292-4242

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