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The Art of the Double Birthday Party

The Art of the Double Birthday Party



By The Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting


        Spring Break is here.  There’s just two and a half more months left before school is out for the summer.  If you wanted to have a birthday party for your child (celebrating a spring birthday or an early summer one), now is the time to start planning.  If your children are close in age and birthday month, you can pull off a time-saver, money-saver, and all around SUPER Double – Birthday bash.  


Here’s how:



Location:: Pick a more gender neutral location like a farm, a movie, or an inflatable bouncing place.  This June we’ll be doing a Double Birthday Party at Bouncing Bears on FM 2920. (After a detailed interview, I’m pleased to say they’ve passed “Obsessive” standards and we’re really looking forward to it.  Pics to follow after the party in June.)  


           Additional Tips of what to look for in a Location:

                 What food are you allowed to bring in?

                 What are their cleanliness standards?

                 What are their safety standards and are they enforced?

                 How much “play time” is allowed for your guests (all day

                 or kicked out when the party is  over)?


Date/Time: End of year parties will fill up May’s weekends fast.  Get your invitations out early, or postpone for the first week of June. You’ll be able to get invites out through their classes and not have to worry about mailing addresses.  Saturday’s are easier than Sunday’s but usually more expensive.  Week nights work too, but then choose an in-town locale.  Parents won’t want a long drive in rush hour traffic.


             Additional Tips for the Date/Time of your party:

             A morning party 10:00am – 12:00pm and an afternoon party 2:00pm –

             4:00pm can get away with just cake and ice cream.  Your guests have

              just had breakfast or lunch.  If your party is 12:00pm- 2:00pm or

             4:00pm – 6:00pm, feed your guests a meal along with the cake.  (See

             Food section for more information.)


Food:  Greasy pizza doesn’t sit well on tummies if there is lots of physical activity at the party.  Try finger sandwiches or chicken strips.  Skip the nugget tray and get kids meals instead..  They’ll come with chicken, fries, a dessert, drink and toy (often a much better value).


              Additional Tips for the Food at your party:

              Consider having a plate of appetizers, sodas, and fresh coffee on hand

              for the parents if they are being asked to stay.  Plan extra and alternative

              snacks for siblings and food allergies. Cupcakes are more convenient than

              cakes, but a cake can be cut into however many pieces needed if more

              guests show up than you were expecting.


Gifts: Don’t open them at the party.  I know that party etiquette decision is new and fairly controversial, but trust us on this one.  You’ll avoid jealousy and hurt feelings between your children if one gets a better gift or more gifts than the other.  Have “Thank You for Celebrating With Us” cards signed by your kids, ready to go, and attached to a nice “goodie bag”.



                Additional Tips for the Goodie Bag:  Go for style over substance.  

                Visiting a farm?  Give the party guests a jar of local honey.  Having

                a glamor party?  Send him a nice bottle of polish and a nail kit.  

                Goodie bags don’t have to include the faux sun glasses, slinky,

                and mini-tub of play-doe every time.



Best of luck with your double birthday party.  The pictures and memories will be priceless.  After all, there is no bond as special as a brother or sister.  Celebrate together!  Enjoy!




The Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting


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