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Thank you to all who have served or are serving!

Thank you to all our brave men and women who have defended our freedom.  Bless you and your family on this special day and always!

-Kidnnected Staff


These Kidnnected readers would like to honor the men and women who have served or are serving:

Karen Schulte Branch:  My dad, Warren Schulte

Christopher Branch: My dad, Steve Branch

Ingrid Ann Elliot:  My dad, deceased, Chester Fels. US ARMY, WWII

Erin Greene Martinez:  Me and my deceased Dad, Carl Jackson. Deceased papa, Leroy Greene. Uncle Shawn Greene. My girls’ father, Gil Martinez. Currently active duty stepsons Brandon Howell and Matthew Martinez.

Chrissy Gorney-Wolfson: Joe Gorney army and Vietnam veteran

Shandra Adkison Dean: My husband was US Army 1st Infantry, my father Robert Adkison (dec) was US Army, his brother & father were Navy, 2 uncles & a cousin were Air Force! Many others too as we are & always will be a military family!

Susan Swaim Harrell: My aunt … Mandy Brown and her husband Richard Brown. Air Force.

Kristie Gardner Hyde: My nephew, Joshua Muniz, USMC

Amy Fisher-Satterwhite:  My Brother Gregory Coleman – Navy, My Cousin Rickey Pendarvis – Air force, My Cousin Brad Sustaire – Marines, Brenda Pendarvis Jones My nephew Chase T. Coleman – Navy, My Husband’s Grandfather, James H. Satterwhite – Army WW11, Chad Satterwhite My Uncle Ken Willoughby – Army, and so many more I’m sure I’m missing. So proud of all of them, and thankful for their service.