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Texas State Railroad’s Educational School Runs Slated for September!



For Immediate Release

TSRR’s Educational School Runs Slated for September!

The Texas State Railroad is taking reservations now for its fall educational school runs. These special train runs will occur on September 12, 19 & 26 (all Fridays,) departing from the Rusk Depot at 11am and returning about 12:30pm.
On these short trips students will learn about the history of the Texas State railroad and about its 1890’s turntable, how it works and what turntables are used for.
They will also get to see the turntable in action as the engine that pulls their train is turned around for the return trip to the Rusk Depot.
Public Schools, private schools, home schools and daycares are all invited to take advantage of this special offer and discounted rates. Call 903-683-3098 to book tickets for this special, education-oriented train ride!

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