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Teaching Kids Social Skills: Please join Adoptive Families of Houston Friday September 26th


Please join Adoptive Families of Houston on Friday, September 26 at 6:30 p.m., St. Martin’s Episcopal Church


As our kids return to school, it’s important to be concerned with their social and emotional growth as well as their academic growth. While some children are very shy, others may be impulsive or aggressive. Learn how to prepare your unique child for many different social situations.


Learn practical techniques to teach respect and compassion for others and what to do when there are bumps along the road, including:

– taking turns and waiting your turn                          – saying please and thank you

– reducing whining                                                    – teaching compassion for others

– age appropriate service projects                            – teaching/practicing social skills

– sharing with others


Our speaker, Patina Sehorn is co-author of “Answer Keys: Teachers’ Lesson Plans for Successful Parenting” and a wife, mother of three, classroom teacher and founder of Parent Action Plan. People have often approached Patina about putting her wisdom into words, and more than a few of her friends have wanted to send their children to “Camp Patina” — learn more about her.


The event is free for AFH members, $5 for non-members.


Continuing Education Units approved by the Texas State Board of Social Workers Examiners will be available to interested attendees for a $10 administrative fee.


You can reserve your spot here: