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Summer 5-Day Mini-Camps with Little Beakers

Summer 5-Day Mini-Camps


Two 3-hour per day jam-packed science camps over 5 days, Monday to Friday every week of the summer starting May 29th.  Each week offers two camps, the first from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and then the second from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm each day at both locations.  Only $185 per child with 10% off the total bill when signing up siblings.  Sign up by May 15th and pay only $165 per child using coupon codes EARLY for one child or EARLYSIB for siblings (Yes, you also get the sibling discount on top of the early bird discount!)

Kids will have a blast completing up to 6-8 projects per day touching on an array of topics through hands-on science activities including rockets, volcanoes, reactions, fossils & minerals, polymers, ice-cream science, forensic science, edible molecules, physics, planets, microbiology and much more!

About Little Beakers

Little Beakers is the brainchild of Cinttya Morgan, at a young age already a veteran of the materials chemistry and polymer engineering research fields with several truly innovative patents to her name. (See Cinttya's impressive list of technical publications and presentations). Cinttya attributes her success in the field to, simply, 'having fun'. 





I go to work, and I just play. It’s not really work at all.

— Cinttya Morgan



Cinttya knew that she wanted to be a scientist early on. A chemistry set from her Mom at age 9 ensured this would happen. She eventually pursued a degree in El Paso, Texas where she was part of a small team that put on science shows for kids. She loved it.

Later, she moved to Houston to begin her post-graduate studies and she is now finally fulfilling a dream by using her expertise in science and combining it with what she loves most…teaching children.






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Little Beakers – Cypress

13040 Louetta Rd, Suite 226
Cypress, TX 77429
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Little Beakers – The Woodlands

26803 Hanna Rd, Suite 507
Oak Ridge North, TX 77385
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