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Spring has Sprung at Atkinson Farm

Fun for the Whole Family in Spring, TX 

Variety – Customers can purchase everything from strawberry preserves to kale in the farm’s market.

Affordable – Their products are comparable to grocery store prices.

Unique – Atkinson Farm is the only farm in the area where customers can pick their own strawberries.

Learning Experience – Visiting the farm is a great way to remind your kids that fruits and vegetables don’t just come from the grocery store. They will have fun picking their own fruit. George was ready for more picking when it was time to go home.

Local –  What a great opportunity to support a local, family-owned business.

Quality – Mike Atkinson and his family give customers the very best produce. They are passionate about farming. Their tomatoes’ four stage process, including two greenhouses with different temperatures, is a perfect example of the family’s dedication to producing quality fruits and vegetables.




The farm opens at 10 am. I would go as early as possible. We visited around 2 pm and George’s little face was beet-red in no time.

Take water for you and your children, especially if you plan to pick your own strawberries.

Lather up in sunscreen. You can’t be too careful with your skin. George just sits quietly while I rub it in. He knows the drill by now.

They accept credit and debit if the purchase is over $10. I bet once you get there and see all the delicious options, you’ll definitely spend more than $10. We did.

We bought a jar of pickles and strawberry preserves for our family members. They also have pretty gift baskets. So, don’t forget to think about gifts while you’re there.

Their website: