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Spotlight Mom-Entrepreneur

Amanda Leavy's Face of the Wave
Handmade skin care. Soap, lotion, hair care, eczema care, wool care, baby care are made fresh upon order. We use ingredients that are paraben, petroleum and SLS free.
Tell us about your business…What got you started into this business?  
My good friend owned it, and became tied down with family obligations. I decided to buy it and still keep my full time job. 
Did you do it to bring in money or as a hobby?
I loved the whole soap and skin care making process, at first it was more of a hobby. The extra money was nice later on, I was able to leave my full time job ( I was pregnant with #3 by then and full time work was becoming overwhelming.) 
How do you balance working from home and your children's schedule?
With a toddler home (with 4 kids there always seems to be a toddler in the house) it's a challenge. I get support from my mom and husband on his days off.  Sometimes I have to work at 4am before the rest of the house wakes up for the day. The majority of "work" is actually like cooking and takes place in my kitchen, making it easy to entertain the baby. Working on packaging and computer work is nearly impossible, the children are not allowed in my office because I keep it sterile. Children are fabulous, but my OCD mind will never consider them sterile enough to gain office entry. 
Looking back, what was your proudest moment?
My first "Rave Review" on a public forum. Someone posted their child's before/after eczema pictures, and I was so happy to have helped relieving a child with itchy skin. 
What are you looking forward to in the future?
I would love to do more wholesale, and appear in small brick & mortar shops. Craft fairs are wonderful, but weekends are hard to schedule due to my husbands job and the kids' activities. 
What would you like the readers to know about your business?
Every order I make is fresh, and I buy the highest quality ingredients. My products differ from major skin care lines because I don't use Parabens, petroleum, and other mass produced chemicals most companies use for product preservation. I use natural preservatives, and buy local/fair trade oils where available.
How can our readers get in touch with you?
or email me at: