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    Review – Finding the right voice produces award winning Math Tutorial and Science Courses.

We are back to curriculum for this review.  The publisher is (http://www.ScienceandMath.comand the product I reviewed was:

Mastering 5th Grade Math – Volume 1 – Essentials of Fractions: (Physical DVD with worksheet PDF included)
For Grades 4-6

Now let’s backtrack for a moment and talk about what else I am besides a writer.  That would be a MATH teacher!  So now the Prince has to impress the Queen, and you know what? He did!  I cannot stress how important the math between grades 4 and 9 are.  The foundation that is laid during these years is what your child will build all higher level math on.  Fractions will never, never go away.  So giving me the Mastering 5th Grade Math – Volume 1 on Fractions was perfect test.

Now there are two things I’m looking for with every math curriculum:

  1. It has to stay bite sized.
  2. It has to stay logical.

There are three levels of math understanding: concrete (your child is counting blocks), semi-concrete (your child is counting pictures of blocks), and abstract (ex: 2 + 2 = 4, just numbers & symbols).  The progression has to be there between steps or the child will get lost.

Let me explain how accomplished just that.

Here are the 16 levels of Volume 1:

1) Review of Fraction Concepts (broken down over 3 worksheets)
2) Writing Fractions as Words (broken down over 2 worksheets)
3) Finding Factors of Numbers (broken down over 3 worksheets)
4) Finding the Greatest Common Factor  (broken down over 3 worksheets)
5) Finding the Greatest Common Factor of 3 numbers (broken down over 3 worksheets)
{Side note: this was one of my FAVORITE lessons.  In further Algebraic concepts, you reduce and solve equations that have more than two fractions in it.  I love that is introducing the idea that the problem could be more complicated.}
6) Prime Factorization (broken down over 3 worksheets)
7) Equivalent Fractions (broken down over 3 worksheets)
8) Renaming Fractions (broken down over 3 worksheets)
9) Similar Fractions part 1 (broken down over 3 worksheets)
10) Similar Fractions part 2 (broken down over 3 worksheets)
11) Review of Improper fractions (broken down over 2 worksheets)
12) Review of Mixed fractions
13) Writing Mixed fractions as improper fractions (broken down over 2 worksheets)
14) Writing Improper fractions as mixed fractions (broken down over 2 worksheets)
15) Thinking of Fractions as Division (broken down over 2 worksheets)
{Another lesson I was crazy about.  As the fractions move from simple to complex, knowing that bar means “divided by” becomes vital to solving the problems.}
16) Writing Whole numbers as fractions (broken down over 2 worksheets)

What you should look for, how to use it and my review:

Here’s a secret to learning math:  It’s not about the book.  It’s not about the video.  It’s not about the classroom setting or lack there of.  It’s about whether or not your child can connect to the teacher.  A broken connection will mean failing grades.  A strong positive connection means the student can understand the words, meanings, and even the timber of the instructor’s voice.  Remember the “Wah wah wah” of Charlie Brown’s teacher?  If your student does not connect with his math teacher, that is all he will hear.

I can’t tell you if the instructor is right for your child.  I can tell you that you should try the sample lessons.  See if that is a voice your child connects with.  If you are lucky and he does, you have your math curriculum set for life.

Other notes…

I appreciate that the affordable price and individual volume system of allows customers to get a solid feel for the product without investing a fortune.  They passed my other initial two tests, so this product gets two thumbs up.

For homeschooling parents: here’s your math instructor, right in the courtesy of your living room.

For public school teachers, if you implement this system in your classroom, you have an automatic make-up lesson ready for any students who are absent.

For me, my 9 year old loved it.  She didn’t fight with me on lessons and even asked to get ahead for tomorrow’s assignment.  We were able to finish Volume 1 in two and a half weeks and that’s with our full activity schedule.  This was not her first exposure to fractions.  I was eager to do this curriculum because I want many, many voices telling her how fractions work.  The dvd player is in my bedroom so she piled up with her worksheets and watched each episode there.  After each lesson, she would complete the worksheets and look to me for corrections.  I was pleased that she hardly needed any between prior knowledge and reminder from the instructor.  We worked in the evenings while Dad was home to entertain Sister.

Review & Rating:

Adequate practice, reasonable price, bite sized lessons, logical connections and an instructor I could hear – this is a yes.

Age Range: 4th to 6th graders

Price: $14.99 for the digital download or $15.99 + shipping for the dvd.  Worksheets are INCLUDED with either purchase.

Other awesome products to have: is building out their lessons in 4th and 6th grade.  Stay tuned to their website as they are completed.

5th and 7th thru 12th grade math are complete.

{College Math is handled through, another platform from this publisher}

Amazing Science – Volume 1 with 23 step-by-step, easy to perform experiments where your child will learn about Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Chemistry, Physics, more!

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