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    – K-2 Science Curriculum Review

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What a joy reviewing this website was! ( with its Online Subscription satisfied my two online learning-tool criteria, and satisfied the obvious and most important question: Does it teach my child something they would like to learn (and I would like for them to learn)? :

My standards for computer time & online learning are:

1)     Can my child do this without my help?  (Not to sound dismissive, but when I put my child in front of a computer it is usually because I have something else I need to accomplish and hand-holding her through a lessons isn’t in the budget of minutes for the day.)

2)     Is the “games” area, all she will play in?  I can’t tell you how many subscriptions we’ve tested only to find our five year old is spending all her time in the “design your character”, “color this picture” area.

Next up on my list is to know, specifically what the curriculum is.  Here is the breakdown so you can judge the curriculum for yourself.

The child gets to choose from four books of science.  Within those are different sections and individual lessons.  As a parent, seeing this list was the biggest decision factor in adding to our regular day of learning.  I’ve detailed them for you:

1)            Physical Science

a.            Matter

  • i.              Materials and Mixtures
  • ii.             Observing Matter
  • iii.            States of Matter
  • iv.           Changes in Matter

b.            Energy

  • i.              Energy Sources
  • ii.             Light Energy
  • iii.            Heat Energy
  • iv.           Sound Energy
  • v.            Electric Energy
  • vi.           Energy Transformations

c.             Force and Motion

  • i.              Location and Perspective
  • ii.             Motion
  • iii.            Force
  • iv.           Magnets
  • v.            Simple Machines

2)            Inquiry

a.            Science Skills

  • i.              Science Tools

3)            Life Science

a.            Living Things

  • i.              Living and Nonliving
  • ii.             Plants
  • iii.            Animals

b.            Balance in Nature

  • i.              Food Webs
  • ii.             Habitats
  • iii.            Eco Awareness

4)            Earth / Space Science

a.            Earth

  • i.              History of Earth
  • ii.             Materials
  • iii.            Features
  • iv.           Weather

b.            Space

  • i.              Exploring the Universe
  • ii.             Earth in Space

Each lesson has Engage, Explore, Explain, and then a series of additional games based on the topic at hand.

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  • Engage stimulates any prior knowledge your child has on the subject.
  • Explore allows your child to manipulate the elements or tools in an interactive activity.
  • Explain shows your child a three minute animated and live action video clip about how that concept applies in our world.
  • Additional games can include songs or stories, or lessons that cross into reading/writing skills


Here’s one of my favorite additional games.  It’s called Syllables with Silly Bulls.  The children learn how to break their vocabulary words into syllable.  Check out the adorable screen shot:








And relating to my standard 1, check out how user friendly it is to begin the game.  When your child hovers over the yes or no button, the program speaks those words to them.









How we used this program & final opinion:

My five year old went nuts for  She pushed me off my email to take over my lap top and get to her lessons.  We have this program as a foundation on which our experiments and field trips can expand upon.  My daughter was eager to get time on this program every day.  Academically, this satisfies the Core Curriculum standards and I am over-the-moon to be able to check these lessons of their learning list.

She completed the Life Science unit in about two weeks of time with me.  The plants section was perfect timing for us because we had just finished germinating seeds and were studying the seedlings.  She complained about the difficulty of the additional games, but they were absolutely within her academic reach with just a little guidance from me.  I appreciate curriculum that both reaches the child and pushed the child.

From the Parent-Teacher end, I loved being able to assign sections to my daughter with specific due dates or “upon completion”.  That gives me a chance to add this to our lesson plans with control and consistency.  Here’s a screen shot of assigning activities:








My opinion is that this is well worth the time & cost.  We will continue as members after our subscription expires.  This is child-friendly, esthetically pleasing, and expertly broken down into child-sized pieces.  We are hooked.

Age Range: Kindergartners thru 2nd graders

Price: $7.95 per month per child

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