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Sandstone Chiropractic Center – Choosing the Right Backpack


Choosing the Right Backpack

As experts on posture, the Sandstone Chiropractic Center Team knows the affect spinal alignment can have on your health and development. Wearing a backpack incorrectly can cause problems for your child today and in the future.

While you are shopping for back to school supplies, consider the best backpack for your child to ensure they’re setup for success at school and in life.


Make the right choice. When choosing a backpack, make sure it has a padded back, two wide and padded shoulder straps and a waist strap if possible.

Wear it and load it properly. Be sure your child is using both shoulder straps when carrying their backpack. Carrying the backpack on one shoulder may look “cool” but can lead to spinal imbalance. Keep the contents of the backpack under 10% of your child’s body weight. Remember to fit it tight so it stays close to your body and does not hang more than 4″ below the waist.

Visit Us. Visits to the chiropractor help ensure your child’s spine is healthy and growing, as it should. If you have questions about the fit of your child’s backpack, stop in and see us. We’d be happy to evaluate the style and fit.

We want to see your entire family grow up healthy and strong, so let us know how we can help!

About Sandstone Chiropractic

Providing the best in care to Montgomery and Magnolia chiropractic patients and their families is our mission at Sandstone Chiropractic. For almost fifteen years, our passion for serving people has grown both in terms of helping our own patients and in terms of giving back to the community.

We pride ourselves on forming relationships with each of our patients, and want you to know that we care about your well-being and are here to help you make your healthcare goals our priority.


Established in 2013.

Dr. Lindsey Thomas has been a part of the Sandstone Chiropractic team since 2010. The new Magnolia location opened in 2013.

Meet the Business Owner

Lindsey T.

Business Owner

Chiropractic wasn’t something Dr. Thomas grew up with. She knew she wanted to go into healthcare, but wasn’t exactly sure what that was. “I found myself at a crossroads in life and then met a person who was going to chiropractic school. We sat down and talked about it over lunch, and it made me look into what chiropractic was all about.”

The idea of natural healing really made sense to Dr. Thomas, especially since she was also getting into nutrition, exercise, and wellness at that time. “It was amazing to me that there was a profession that truly recognized the body’s ability to heal on its own.” She now uses this philosophy on a daily basis to provide the highest quality of care to all of her patients.

Dr. Thomas enrolled in chiropractic school and six months later, was attending Parker University in Dallas, TX. After graduating in 2009, she followed her passion and completed her post graduate work in prenatal and pediatric care.



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