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Rodeo Houston for KIDS

With the Houston Rodeo in town, we have excellent learning opportunities for our kids!  Their school field trip schedule is already full (boo), but you can get on the list for next year if you’d like to take your child’s whole class / grade on the adventure.  In the mean time, you can take your children & visit as a family.  Here are the highlights:

For tours & field trips:

Visit AGventure, located in Hall A of Reliant Center, to learn about agriculture. It’s a great place for children and adults alike. Nearly every species of livestock can be found inside this fun and educational area, with several live animal exhibits. Exhibits are free with a Reliant Park admission ticket, unless otherwise noted. All exhibits are open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Try the Birthing Center too: Experience the miracle of life right before your eyes in the Birthing Center. Featuring newborn calves, lambs and piglets, the Birthing Center is a delight for both the young and young at heart. Stop by to visit the baby animals, watch as they take their first steps, and see how their mothers nurture them. New this year, watch as the baby calves play and interact with each other in their very own playpen!

The Petting Zoo: Grab a handful of tasty treats and see which animals are hungry at the AGventure petting zoo! The petting zoo includes a wide variety of animals — from the exotic to those found on a typical farm. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy watching the animals playfully interact with each other and their visitors. All of the animals are friendly and eager to make new friends—that’s why they’re in the petting zoo!