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Review of Rise of the Guardians

Go see this movie?: YES
Take the kids? YES
Take the little kids too? YES

This movie is the next holiday classic, not to be missed!  I had three little ones in attendance today: a four-year old girl, an eight-year old girl, and an eight-year old boy.  All three laughed, oooo'd and ahhhh'd and were only minorly upset by the scary parts, nothing that sent the four year old into her mother's lap.  

The movie is a compilation of William Joyce's characters.  Click here to learn more about them.  I highly recommend buying the books to read with your children after the movie.  They will already have a picture in their heads to go along with the elegant words and pictures Joyce paints.

Rise of the Guardians has a beautiful message about discovering what is at the core of our hearts, belonging to a team, rising to a challenge, and caring about children.  You will walk away from this film believing again.

I give it four stars.  Take the whole family.  There are ample side jokes to keep the grown-ups laughing the whole time too.  We will buy this on blue-ray when it comes out.  

Only word of parental warning: There is a preview for a movie called "Jack the Giant Killer" which did scare the kids.  You might want to take them for popcorn until the previews pass.