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Resolve to Journal

Did you resolve to have a better relationship with your child?  Try this awesome obsessive parenting idea:

A Letter Journal 

(Mother & Daughter or Father & Son, or Father & Daughter… any combination is fine.)

Use a simple spiral notebook and begin with one short paragraph from you to your child:

"Dear Son,

        This will be our special journal.  We will write back and forth to each other during the week.  You can ask me questions and share how your day was.  You can share your dreams and I will share mine back.  This will be just between the two of us. Here is my first question for you: what would you like to do or achieve this year?  And how can I help you?

       I look forward to reading your answer.

Love always,


As the teenage years come upon us fast, if they're not already here, this open communication can be a life-saver.  During the younger years, you've not only strengthened your bond, you've also strengthened their writing and communicating skills. 

Happy Obsessive Parenting and if you'd like a question answered, send it to


The Obsessive Mother's Guide to Parenting