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Poetry Contest Winners!



by Christopher Beane (age 6)
based on “Lion” by James Berry

Color of grass, a lily pad, a jungle
Floating flat on his belly
Like a log in murky water
Small dragon, stronger than a wildebeast

The Black Lamppost
based upon “The Red Wheelbarrow”
by William Carlos Williams

so much depends

the black

weathered by

beside the old green

by Alexandra Reichert (5th Grade)
Through The Years…

When I was 11, I met a boy who was 12.
His questions and inquiries into my heart did delve.

When I was 14, the boy told me with a grin
That someday, for certain, I would surely marry him.

When I was 16, we talked for hours and hours.
It was he who gave me my very first flowers.

When I was 20, the young man asked me to share his life.
When I turned 21, I became his wife.

21 more years have passed since then.
Through joy and pain he's still my best friend.
I am often asked if I'd do it again.
Without hesitation I'd be "all in".

When I am old with my days soon to end
The gleam in my eye will still be for him….

My soulmate, my love, my very best friend!

Name: Tauleece R. Thomas
Poem Title: "Through The Years"
Category: 18+ and up