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Picky Eater Showdown part 2

Dear Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting,

You did a column a while back on the Picky Eater Showdown. It helped, but I’m still having fights with my daughter about what she’s eating. I did the one hour timer and she just sat there for an hour. I tried setting a 15 minute timer and said she only had to finish half, but if the timer ran out she’d have to finish all of it. She sat there and cried the whole time. My youngest loves the meal my oldest was rejecting and I decided not to waste the food. I gave up that power struggle (yes, I know I shouldn’t have) and put the uneaten meal in a Tupperware for those of us that love it. By the way, it was chicken and rice. I’m not having her eat exotic or strangely flavored stuff. I need a new idea. What else do you have?

At my wits end in Spring



Dear Wits End,

Try this: give your child a blank list with these categories: protein, vegetables, fruits, dairy, carbs & other. She has to fill it out. If she’s not sure, she can list it in the other category and you can help her figure out where it belongs. Explain that you will only buy the items on the list and make her responsible for putting her own balanced meal together at night. Bring it and her when you go to the grocery store and make her responsible for putting those items in the basket. If you have room, give her her own shelf in the pantry and/or fridge.
Sometimes it’s time to stop fighting. She’ll be making her own food in her own home in just a few short years. All you can do now make sure it’s balanced and teach her how good food helps her body feel good.
Move on to a new discussion. Pick out some conversation starters and change the mood of the meal. Here’s a site for some:
Keep your chin up and keep us posted on your progress. You can lead a child to a good meal, but unfortunately you can’t make her eat it.

The Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting