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“Growing Pains” vs. When To See a Chiropractor


Growing pains… Many children suffer with the pain of what society has come to accept as “growing pains”. Should growing be painful? Why does it only hurt when a child’s legs grow and not his arms, ears, nose or toes? The medical profession has led us to believe and we’ve come to accept these pains children suffer from as” normal.”

Growth is a natural process that everyone goes through and every part of our body grows. It is true that growing pains often occur during periods of rapid growth frequently occurring between the ages of 6 to 15 years old but why do some children suffer from growing pains while others do not? Why don’t children experience these pains in all of their growing body parts?

Let’s take a look at the body the way a chiropractor does. Focusing first on the spine, which houses the nervous system that controls every aspect of our body. When a child is going through a growth spurt there are many changes taking place in the spine. Bones are growing and hardening during this process. However, if a child has a subluxation or misalignment within his vertebral column it can put pressure on the nerves. Pressure on the nerve results in many different symptoms which include pain, discomfort and an achy feeling often felt within the legs.

These pains often contribute to what is known as “growing pains.” It is important to have a child’s spine looked at during these growth spurts. When these “growing pains” are seen in adults we call these symptoms sciatica. Follow your instincts. When something doesn’t seem right to you as a parent it usually isn’t. Growing is normal. Experiencing “growing pains” is not.

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Dr. Zach DC