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Obsessive Mother’s Guide reviews

The Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting continues with reviews of available curriculum for teachers, parents & families. Check out the latest: Review check

That emboldening moment of curriculum search where you discover every tributary is actually miles wide and will carry you across levels from the primary to advanced, that is what I felt reviewing and working with ( through a Yearly Membership Option. The affordable price seals the deal on making this a part of our regularly schedule programming. What are you struggling with? Look here.

The concept behind Yearly Membership Option is a complete support system for educating a child. It is a web based subscription service providing the teacher with daily lessons, unit lessons, study guides, planners, online grade books, e-books and so much more. delivers expert instructors and comprehensive lessons in core and elective subjects. Looking at all a Yearly Membership Option offers is both intimidating and inspiring!

Best advice: Start with the Site Tour. Then plunge into the area of curriculum you are most craving.

Top priority for my girls was Literature and I’ll go in-depth with you to explain that quest. How often is your child’s assigned book in class, in co-op, in book club, NOT something he’s interested in reading? Is there anything more personal than a novel? Choosing one for an entire classroom is going to alienate readers. Boys may not like girl books and vice versa. If the level is too advanced, you frustrate rather than enlighten. We get the most out of a story when it connects to our life in some way. It is our job as parents and teachers to help our kids make those lifelong connections, honoring the time-honored code, “You are what you read.”

My passion may seem like overkill, but it comes from my nine year old daughter being assigned A Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe this Fall. Caught between a rock and a hard place, I wanted my daughter to get the benefits her co-op literature teacher was trying to impress upon her, but the reading material was not okay in my mind.

So off I jaunted to the library, the book store, the teacher supply store and I broke the rule judging books by their covers or choosing by my own childhood memories. Sometimes I went by honored lists, and while they do have their benefits, letting the child choose is far and away the best method to encourage reading.

Where did that leave me? Individual workbooks on literature run anywhere from ten to twenty dollars each. Joy of joys, has months of literature kits ready. I COULD let my child choose a book that appealed to her. Top of the list of titles I am thrilled to see detailed kits for are: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, The Door in the Wall, and The Velveteen Rabbit.

As a teacher and parent, I can focus on the novel with literary support, as with The Hobbit: theme, genre, plot, etc. or I can focus on the literary concepts with a novel that supports, as with The Velveteen Rabbit. We are working with The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe now. We hope to finish by Christmas so we can begin Prince Caspian. The Literature Kit is so accessible in its wording that both my 4th grader and my Kindergartener can participate.

The accompanying story charts are magnificent. You can get the themes and concepts across in visually dynamic ways, and (secret-mom favorite) all the parent/teacher answers are right there. No paying for the teacher edition as well, or straining to see the microscopic answer key in the back of the book, the answers were clear and easy to understand.

I would buy a subscription for their Literature side alone. The math, science, history, geography and thirty plus other subjects were no slouch either. From Hebrew to Keyboarding to Film-making, their rich curriculum and electives are like having your own personal teacher supply store. I couldn’t believe all they offer for such a low rate. Our next subject area to tackle is Geography and Lesson 1 is already on my calendar for January: Welcome to Asia: Trade Route Safari!

As far as independence with it, I could absolutely see my daughter being able to sit in front of these lessons on her own in a year or two. Until then I am grateful for the support provides for me to work with my child. This is a definite YES on the purchase list for teachers everywhere.


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Price: $139 / year, less than $12 / month

Age Range: Pre-K through High School