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New Dinosaur Exhibit & a day at the HMNS

We spent the day at the Museum on Monday and have a few "Don't Miss" suggestions for our readers:

Don't Miss: the Dinosaur exhibit   (***unless you're a Creationist.  They go all out with Evolution with their fossils.  Suggestion: have a talk with your child about your religious views and values prior to your visit.**)

Don't Miss: opening a Geode.  As far as souvenirs go, it's above and beyond cool.  There are options for what size and how much you spend, so this doesn't have to break the bank.  And remember, it will break in two pieces, so two kids can split one prize.

Educational opportunity: READ The Little Prince together and go see the big screen movie they have on it.  It only places once a day, early in the morning, so check the show times.