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More Fun Together Making Thanksgiving Crafts

Enjoy these craft ideas from our friends at


Gone Fowl

Take some inspiration from nature and pull some pinecones from your trees to make these turkey friends.

What you'll need: pinecones, googley eyes, feathers, hot glue, orange felt, scissors

Make it: Hot glue a few feather to the bottom of a pinecone. Then, add googley eyes to the front for a face and an orange triangle of felt for the beak.


Cork Place Cards

Set the table for a fun Thanksgiving dinner by recycling your old wine corks into these name cards.

What you'll need: 3 corks, craft glue, yarn, 3mm black pom-poms, wooden beads, red and yellow felt, scissors, feathers, 2 bobby pins, craft paper, colored pencil, toothpick

Make it: Glue together three corks to form a triangle. Roll yarn into a 1-1/2" ball and glue to the top of one cork. Then, glue black pom-poms to the holes of wooden beads and glue beads to yarn ball for eyes. Cut a diamond shape from yellow felt (about 1/4"x1/2"), fold in half, and glue to head just under eyes. Once the beak is attached, cut three teardrops from red felt, about 1/2" long each, and glue under the head to the top edge of the cork. Glue feathers to the back of the two rear corks, and glue bobby pins underneath the front cork for feet. Write your guest's name on a fun craft-paper shape and glue to a toothpick; stick into one of the corks


What a Turkey

Ask your kids to write what they're thankful for on a paper feather, then stick it into this cute turkey centerpiece.

What you'll need: scissors, 9-inch polystyrene ball, dark-brown yarn, light-brown yarn, wooden craft stick, felt (white, yellow, and red), colored craft paper, glue

How to make it: Cut a 1-inch sliver off the bottom of a 9-inch polystyrene ball. Wrap sphere neatly in thick dark-brown yarn, covering surface completely; knot on bottom. Make a 4-inch ball from light-brown yarn and attach to body with a wooden craft stick. Create simple facial features using felt: white circles (approximately the size of a quarter, with 1/8-inch pom-poms for pupils) for eyes, yellow triangles for the beak, and long red felt teardrops as the wattle. Cut feather shapes from colored craft paper and bend in half lengthwise to create seam. Glue wooden craft stick to the bottom third of the feather and insert in a fan shape on turkey body.


Gourd Gobbler

Find new fun ways to use the seasonal produce to decorate your house.

What you'll need: gourd, patterned paper, wood circle, felt (in red, yellow, and black), glue, scissors

Make it: Accordion fold a rectangle of patterned paper and fan it out behind a gourd stacked on top of a wood circle. Add the turkey face by gluing on black felt eyes, a yellow beak, and a red wattle.


Turkey Bowling

Spare the classic crafts this Thanksgiving – go for a strike with this fun bowling set.

What you'll need: plastic bowling set or plastic soda bottles, small football, craft feathers, tape, craft foam shape stickers, scissors, black pen

Make it: Tape 3-5 feathers to the back of the plastic bowling pins. For the turkey's face, attach small circle foam stickers for the eyes, a triangle for the beak, and cut a small heart in half for the beak waddle. Finish off with a little black marker dot on each eye.


Turkey Treats

Make this super sweet treat for your kids to celebrate turkey day!

What you'll need: Reese's peanut butter cups, candy corn, Oreos, M&Ms, black icing gel

Make it: Stack a Reese's peanut butter cup onto an Oreo and attach with the black icing gel. Then, fan the candy corn to cover the top half of the Oreo. Finish off with two M&M eyes and an M&M beak standing on its side – add two dots for the eyes and you're ready to eat!