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Meet Mom Entrepreneur Janine Lea Swan

Janine has been designing Art Favors (greeting cards, luggage tags, centerpieces, party favors, invitations and more) for the past 35+ years.  She is an experience Art teacher from Aldine ISD where she earned Art Teacher of the Year.

Mother of two, including a son in the U.S. Navy, and grandmother of six, Janine enjoys sharing her talents with her family. 


Some of the highlights of her artistic career:

·         Sending Navy lollipops to one of her son’s deployed ship

·         Receiving an order for Thank You cards from Kirk Cameron’s mother

·         Featuring on’s television show and then forming a partnership with them

·         Featuring in Cosmos Weddings Magazine in Australia

·         Having her “Cheer & Dance” school luggage tags offered in the National Uniform catalogs

·         Designing favors for a Princess in Saudi Arabia and a bride from Ireland.

This hobby / turned full time business keeps Janine busy.  She is looking forward to simplifying her centerpiece creations and continuing with her one-of-a-kind candy invitations.

Janine would like our readers to know, “Every event is different so it is always a joy to design for my customers. Our motto is 'Life is sweeter when shared with family and friends.' “ She also enjoys donating bouquets to those in need.

Kidnnected is proud to introduce you to this amazing mom-entrepreneur!

Janine Lea Swan, artist

Etsy shop Janine Lea Swan

281. 370.6686