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Marriage Minute

Three things you should have in common:

1) Same Values – Can you "be" together?

2) Same Sense of Humor – Can you laugh together?

3) Same Hobbies – Can you play together?

Once you've found the match for these three things (or compromised and grown together so you've become these three things), you can survive anything with these two basic rules:

1) Whoever it means more to, can have it.   (P.S. – you are not allowed to abuse this rule and claim everything is the most important to you.)

2) You are NOT ALLOWED to fight about something more than twice.  Find a compromise.

Compromise means: both parties lose a little so both parties can win.

Example: She's a neat freak.  He's a slob.  They constantly fight over the state of the house.  

Solution: The living room remains spotless.  She has a place she can bring guests and entertain without worry of random socks and piles of dirty dishes.  He will keep that room clean for her.  And he's allowed to be messy in their bedroom.  He can throw his dirty t-shirt anywhere he wants and she's not allowed to complain.

This Marriage Minute brought to you by: Mrs. Tap Dancer.  I've worked HARD these past 12 years to stay married to this guy and it's the best decision I've ever made.