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Marriage Minute – His family’s or Mine?

Dear Marriage Minute,

I know this discussion is going to be coming up soon because we have it every year. Where do we spend the holiday’s? He wants to see his family. I’d like to see mine. I’d also like to just stay home. We have so few days off when everyone is home at once. Can we just have Christmas here? What’s your advice?


Jen in Conroe

Dear Jen,

Yes, you could have it just at home or compromise, or have it at your family’s house… but why stop there? Who says Christmas has to be on Dec 25th and Thanksgiving only on one day? Start a new tradition this year. Give it a silly name if you like, just give it value. The purpose of the holidays is to be with our loved ones and give THANKS for the all our blessings. Think outside the box. Book time at home with just your hubby & kids a day before or after (or a week before or after). Then go see the extended family on the actual holiday. If you really can’t choose, flip a coin. Thanksgiving at one house, Christmas at the other. It may seem callous, but letting the coin decide means no resentment allowed. This is the time for hugs, not grumbling.

Enjoy these precious moments!
-Date Night