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Marriage Minute – Does THIS make you feel loved???

What makes you feel LOVED?  Like really LOVED?

When he brings home something for you, just because he thought you’d like it?

When he does all the dishes while you are bathing the kids without being asked?

When he holds your hand or gives you a big hug and kiss when he sees you?

When he sets aside time to hang out with you, or makes plans to be together?

When he tells you he loves you?

Matching SHOWING LOVE with FEELING LOVE is a HUGE challenge in a marriage.  If she wants gifts and he shows love by folding the clothes, fail.  If she tells him she loves he and he wants her to stop reading her book and watch a movie with him, fail.

It is a mutual compromise.  It is FINE to ASK for love the way you like to be loves, BUT you also have to learn to accept your partner’s language of showing love.

Take the quiz here and post the results on the fridge.  No excuses then.

And here’s a BIG TIP: Watch your requests!!!!  If you say, “Why don’t you ever spend time with my anymore?  You’re always playing that video game.  You never take me out anymore!”, you’ll get a defensive, angry reaction back.  Instead try, “I booked a sitter for Saturday night and reservations at our favorite restaurant.”  You’ll get, “Oh!  That sounds fun!” and then all the fun time together without the fight first.