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Marriage Minute


Some of the questions that come through to our Parenting expert have more to do with Marriages than anything else.  Number one on the list is communication issue.  Not listening to each other, speaking in a tone or manner that puts the other on the defensive right away, or just simply not making time to talk.

See if this pattern fits you:

  1.        Both of you have very busy lives.
  2.        You HAVE to talk about business (aka bills, repairs, problems with the kids).  So those topics come up first and often that’s ALL you have time to talk about.
  3.        Before long, you begin to associate conversations with your spouse as just being a long negative to-do & worry list.
  4.        Now you’re avoiding talking at all.  

Your Marriage Minute is this: Talk through the to-do’s and get into how-are-you-doing.  Get the conversation started with this classic book.  The goal is just to share with each other.  If the ball is rolling on a topic, let it roll.  Enjoy each other