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Local Mom Named Texas Mother of the Year



Local Mom Named Texas Mother of the Year

Spring resident, Bethany Paterno, was selected as Texas Young Mother of the Year by the state’s American Mothers organization.  “This recognition means so much to me. I’ve lived in Texas all my life and I am proud to represent my state with this honor ,” Paterno responded on hearing the news.  Paterno devotes her life to caring for her husband, Marcus, and two children, Jillian 7 years-old and Luke 5 years-old.

Her devotion to family and community exemplifies her view of today’s role of motherhood. Paterno has home schooled her children from the start. She has run and organized several home school classes and field trips for her local home school group, including participating in the first Houston area LDS-NHA home schooling conference last summer.  “The Houston area is a great place to home school children because it offers such variety on culture and creativity building activities,” says Paterno.

Paterno is currently in the process of opening a religious based private school that incorporates home school with public school. “LDS Academy is for those parents who feel, for whatever reason, that public school just doesn’t work for their children but don’t feel qualified to home school. Student will attend twice a week classes on campus consisting of the four basic subjects and PE. On off days, parents are sent home with spelled out home school work to oversee with their children,” she explains.

At the end of April Paterno will fly to Washington DC to represent the state of Texas in the annual women’s conference held there. May 9th she will be honored at a banquet in Dallas where she looks forward to meeting Governor elect Greg Abbott.

American Mothers is responsible for annually selecting the National Mother of the Year® from candidates across the United States such as Paterno. American Mothers, Inc. ® is an interfaith, non-political, non-profit organization that recognizes the important role of motherhood through educational programs and community outreach.  American Mothers Inc. ® is the official sponsor of Mothers Day and has been honoring women for almost 80 years.