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Little brother desperately missing big sister

Dear Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting,

              I need some ideas.  My oldest has gone off to college this last week.  Her little brother is devastated.  He misses her desperately.  I’ve tried comforting him but my words aren’t enough. What ideas to you have?


Terri in Oak Ridge

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Dear Terri,

Kudos, first, to you for raising siblings who love each other so.  You’ve obviously done a great job of parenting so far.  Now on to the ideas…

1) Skype / Facetime appointments.  Make a little sign that says, “Our next Skype time with big sis is at _____ o’clock” and post it next to a wall clock, or set a timer counting down to that time that he can see.

2) “Tell Big Sis” box.  As your son comes across items he’d like to show her or thoughts he’d like to tell her, he writes them down and puts them in the box.

3) Help him build a care package.  Keep another box in the house that will be a care package for big sister when it’s full.  Your son can fill it with treats and trinkets to surprise big sis in the mail when it’s full.

He can keep talking to her, sharing with her and caring for her with a few easy additions to your house and your schedule.

Again, great job at accomplishing one of our most important parenting goals: making sure our kids grow up loving each other!


Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting

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