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Lego impression on the bottom of my foot – HELP

Dear Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting,

Can you help me with some ideas?  We were blessed with a wonderful Christmas.  My problem is my kid’s room is bursting at the seams now.  I’ve tried to ask her to go through the toys with me, but every one I suggest we donate is suddenly her favorite toys and she won’t let me.  I have a Lego impression on the bottom of my foot from stepping on them!  How do you get your kids to let go?


-Missy in Tomball


Dear Missy,

LET?  She won’t LET you?  First of all, YOU are the one in charge.  Second, it sounds like your problem is two fold.  Besides having too much in the room, you also need an organization system.  Let’s break this down in stages:

1) When she falls asleep or when she’s out of the house, attack that room.  Start with what’s still on the shelves.  If it’s not out and being played with, that would be a first toy to go.

2) Re-arrange.  She’s less likely to notice.  If she does notice, STAND FIRM.  YOU, the mother, the owner of the house and parent of the child CHOSE to give some of the excess toys away.  Combine that firmness with conversation about children in need.  Share with her how those toys will be well loved by kids who have much less than she does.

3) And for organizing, think 20%.  You want the box to be 20% BIGGER than what it is holding.  Sticky labels fall off.  Look for silver Sharpie’s to write on tubs.

4) One rule: what she doesn’t pick up, you put in the donate box.  Stick to that rule nightly and she’ll learn quickly.

Stay strong Mom!  You can get through the mess & the drama.  Someday the Legos will be all packed away.  Enjoy the moment for all its pains and smiles.


The Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting

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