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Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy Celebrates Ten Years

LPCA 10-Year Logo

Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy Celebrates Ten Years

Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy continues to celebrate its 10th year. Founded in 2005, the school is located on Research Forest Drive in The Woodlands. Legacy Prep has marked this exciting anniversary with celebrations, service projects, special remembrances, and more.
“It’s thrilling to look back and see how far we’ve come in such a relatively short time,” stated Legacy Prep Head Administrator Audra May. “Many dreams have come true since our doors opened in 2005 including the addition of sports programs, high school, our first graduating class, and our own facility.”
Legacy Prep is a University-Model School (UMS) comprised of grades pre-kindergarten through 12th. The school prepares students to be successful in college and life by providing a rigorous academic background that is rich in opportunities. Legacy Prep is a Christ-centered school that creates college-worthy, character witnesses for Christ.
Throughout this commemorative year, Legacy Prep chose a different focus and Christ-like character for each month. Those included honoring Jesus, teachers, volunteers, students, Legacy, parents, and graduates. Other months focused on celebrating service and freedom. Character traits included integrity, respect, gratitude, joy, humility, and more. According to Lisa Railey, Legacy Prep Dean of Family Ministry, “For example, we celebrated service and the benefits we receive from helping others in February. The celebration was linked to the character trait of humility, thinking about others before yourself. National Honor Society and staff partnered with community service organizations such as local nursing homes, a food bank, and homeless shelter to participate in service projects that are family-friendly and allowed for participation from pre-kindergarten to high school seniors.”
Legacy Prep’s enrollment began with 43 students in 2005 and has grown to almost 400 students for the 2014-2015 school year. The school built its permanent home on 22 acres between Research Forest Drive and 1488. Legacy Prep graduated is first senior class in the spring of 2014.
“Knowing we’ve been a part of strengthening families through the gift of more time with their children is greatly satisfying,” continued May. “It has been such a blessing to hear how Legacy and the university model has blessed so many others.”
With enrollment and interest in Legacy Prep continuing to grow, the school is excited to begin its 11th year in the fall. If you would like more information on Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy, please visit or follow Legacy Prep on Facebook. Information meetings are scheduled for March, April and May.