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KinderBach Review


Your Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting sat down to review KinderBach, specifically “The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner” this Spring and here’s what I thought:

Argh, what a brilliant concept! Video piano lessons which are bright, engaging and divided into perfectly digestible bite-sized pieces… (

No driving all over town and back to lessons. No sitting in the minivan for an hour while you pay out the nose to a private instructor. How I wish I had discovered this product a few year ago! In this review I’ll tell you why I missed my window and how KinderBach could be the perfect piano lessons for your child.

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Our experience:

I set this program down in front of my nine year old and five year old.

{Side note: Through our adventures, we tend towards more mature outings & learning experiences. Not like bars or shooting ranges, I mean we attend theater, robotics camps, classes at the Houston Museum of Natural Science… My youngest is a tag-a-long at umpteen events, which is a fancy term for a little sister who is learning something beyond her grade-level. }

As such, I didn’t realize she had matured past the age where pre-K and K curriculum would appeal to her.  She listened and practiced through the weeks of lessons we did together, but it was something I had to ask her to do, not something she did willingly.  We tried our best to get into this lovely program, but the interest just wasn’t there.  I couldn’t pin point if the lessons were too easy for her or if the presentation just didn’t appeal to her.  I’m kicking myself for not discovering this sooner. I am confident that a year ago she would have been all over it.  It is definitely worth a trial subscription to see if it is right for your family.

This is what, when & how:

Kinderbach online piano lessons are comprised of mini lessons you do at home with your child with supplemental worksheets.  The lessons begin as if your child has no previous music experience.  You can view the lessons either online or with a DVD version of the program.  Each lesson is broken down into 4 sessions.  You can do all four at a time or break them up into one per day.  What’s wonderful is you can use either a basic electric keyboard or a piano, your choice.  Children are taught how to read music and count in rhythm. Best part is they get to start playing songs right away.

I would say the ideal age to begin the program is between 3 ½ and 4 1/2 years old. You can get KinderBach a little early and try introducing the lessons slowly, checking for attention span and interest, until you hit that perfect balance of desire and ability. This is my recommendation for how to schedule your week of learning lessons:
Monday: Session 1
Tuesday: Session 2
Wednesday: Session 3
Thursday: Session 4
Friday: family concert
Saturday & Sunday: practice the concepts from the week

This is why you should give KinderBach a trial:
• Kids, music and brain development go hand-in-hand(-in-hand). We all know this. Music is tied to mathematical reasoning and creativity. The discipline to practice something and strive to improve your ability will spill over to other areas of your child’s life. Babies who listen to music are calmer. Children who play the piano have better coordination. The list goes on and on.
• Band directors will tell you: Start with the piano. A piano is the perfect instruments to learn the basics of reading music, half notes, whole notes, tempo, crescendos..and more. Once your child has built a solid foundation on the piano, branching out to other instruments is much easier.
• There are piano-playing bad habits that kids can fall into too easily without proper guidance. Things like hen-pecking the keys or labeling the keys so they never honestly know where middle C is without looking, are just a few of them. KinderBach is passionate about not coloring, stickering, or labeling the keys in anyway. Because they don’t manipulate the keyboard beyond recognition, your child can sit down at any keyboard, anytime and practice their lessons.
• Two must-have’s of trying a program like this one: you get a 30 day NO RISK money-back guarantee and you do not have to personally be musically inclined to use this program with your child. Those two benefits right there should dispel any concerns that are nagging at you about this program. (And personally, I wouldn’t look into any curriculum without that guarantee.)
• KinderBach has been around a long time. This matters because only the good ones have longevity. If kids weren’t learning on this system, parents wouldn’t be passing the KinderBach name on to their friends.
• You can choose between online lessons or a DVD. This worked wonderful for me. My kids have this amazing ability to take a brand new dvd, cover it in peanut buttered finger prints and then leave it outside on the sidewalk. Online lessons were definitely my first choice for how we’d tackle this curriculum.


KinderBach is made for kids. It is the ideal piano teaching tool. The lessons are positive, upbeat, cheery and appealing. There’s no risk for giving it a try, just be sure to not miss your window of interest with your own kids like I did.

Read what my peers thought about the product:

Here are all the fine details of how KinderBach works:

KinderBach Features 
Solid Curriculum
Fun Characters
Multi-Learning StylesEngaging Video
Hands on Pages
Music Theory Games 
30 Day Guarantee

Recommended age range: For Children aged 3 to 7


Here are the social media links for Kinderbach: 

Facebook for Teachers:
Twitter: @KinderBach
YouTube: KinderBach Preschool Piano


Special Limited Time Price: $95.88/year
Works out to $7.99/month for a year.

or Shopping for Value Packages starting at $55.95 plus shipping & handling.