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Just in Time for the Holiday Season – Fresh Wreaths


Just in Time for the Holiday Season, The Woodlands Children’s Museum Sells Fresh Wreaths as Part of Wreath Whimsy Fundraiser
The Woodlands Children’s Museum will be selling fresh wreaths as part of the Wreath Whimsy Fundraiser to assist with outreach programs, provide free field trips for children and update and maintain exhibits.
The wreaths are 24” double-faced and freshly grown by a family-owned tree farm and elegantly embellished by the talented staff at The Woodlands Children’s Museum. The cost is $75 each. You may order now until Friday, December 14. Please allow four days to pick up your order at the museum.
Angela Colton, Executive Director for The Woodlands Children’s Museum, believes the wreaths provide an excellent opportunity for the season. “I believe this is a great way to delight in the holiday season. Enjoying the scent of the fresh wreath is a delightful reminder that your purchase is supporting our efforts to continue to make a difference in the life of a child,” said Colton.
The Woodlands Children’s Museum is located at 4775 West Panther Creek Drive #280 in the Panther Creek Village Center. The Woodlands Children's Museum is a non profit 501( c )3 organization that creates opportunities that educate, empower and excite children and their families through play while inspiring a lifelong sense of wonder and discovery.
For more information on the Museum, visit www.woodlandschildrensmuseum,org or call (281) 465-0955.