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“Back to School” is their “New Year’s Eve”

December 31st rolls around and we adults are thinking about what changes we will make to our lives.  This year we'll eat better.  This year we'll work out.  This year we'll quit smoking (and yes, please do quit smoking).

What we may not realize as parents is the first day back at school is our child's "New Year's Eve".  Mostly their thoughts tend towards, "Dear Lord, THIS year make me popular…"  or "…. this year I'll be in style…"  or "…this year I won't get into trouble…".

What a PERFECT parenting opportunity!  Turn those back to school jitters into a self-improvement project for your child.  It's a simple, yet highly effective self-counseling method.  First the person defines who a "perfect" version of himself would be.  Then he looks at himself and sees what he needs to do to make that goal.

Tonight have a Goal-setting session with your child.  A new school year brings a chance for a new start.  He may have the desire to become a better student, but need your help to visualize and realize that goal

And here's a few quick tips to get the year started off right:

1) Practice runs: practice getting up, ready and out the door on time with a balanced breakfast and healthy lunch.

2) Back to bedtime: start at least a week out going to bed early so it's not as painful on the actual start date

3) Designate a study spot: in the three months since school let out, that desk is piled high with unnecessary stuff.  Help him get his "office or study" ready to go.

4) Talk schedule: who needs to be picked up and when.  When is designated quiet reading time?  And for your older children, when will be the dedicated time to look over the notes they took daily to remind them what they learned?