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Is my 4 year old ready for Camp?

Dear Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting –

            We really enjoyed Kidnnected’s Camp Fair last weekend.  My daughter loved all the activities and crafts.  Kuddos on the neat event.  My question for you is how will I know she’s ready for camp?  She will turn 4 at the end of May.  She seemed to really like the camps, especially any that were art related, but she’s never been away from me for that long.  How do I know when I’m ready for her to go to camp?


Michelle & Maggie (3)


Dear Michelle,

 Great question.  Do you attend church anywhere?  Here’s a great place to start: volunteer to be a VBS helper early in the summer (June if possible).  Pick an age range or service group other than with your child.  Be super excited about your week together at VBS and talk openly about your expectations and fears.  Give her a big hug when you drop her with her play group and stop in to check on her during the day if you can.  

After that, I’m a big fan of The Woodland’s Children’s Museum.  You can play before and after the camp and there are nice places to eat, shop, and get coffee nearby.  That gives your daughter the opportunity to warm up to the locale and cool down as you play together and talk about her day.  

As for you being ready, that’s all we can ever hope for as parents: that our children grow up with strong roots and strong wings.  You are 100% correct that these early experiences with the outside world need to be fiercely protected.

I know there are many more wonderful summer camps in the area (I’ll attach the link below).  I too stopped by the camp fair and one a free week of Fencing Camp!  This Obsessive Mother loves those protective helmets!  Good luck and keep us posted!


The Obsessive Mother’s Guide to Parenting

Kidnnected Summer Camp Guide:

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