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“I can’t get my daughter to blow her nose. Help!”

Dear Obsessive Mother's Guide to Parenting,

           I know this may seem like a silly question, but I can't get my daughter to blow her nose!  All she does is sniff it back up and she's too old for a "booger sucker".  Her allergies are getting bad this time of year and I don't want to go through another season of snot.  Any ideas?


Brenda from Tomball


Dear Brenda,

         Do you have a walk-in shower and a good sense of humor? 

         Step one, have your child take a hot shower, letting the water and steam loosen the mucus. 

         Step two, while still in the shower, give your child a wash cloth and then sit down on the other side of the shower door. 

         Now the game begins: Blow Boogers on Mommy!  Have your child place one finger on one nostril and blow.  When she does, over-react in humorous disgust that she got some on you! (which of course she couldn't through the glass door).  "Oh GROSS!  I'm covered in BOOGERS!"  Then sit back up and ask her to switch to the other nostril.  Repeat your over-dramatic horror. 

        She'll love the silly game.  You'll love the cleaned out sinuses.  Repeat as needed, and you avoid that red raw nose from too many tissue wipes. 

        Best of luck on all your parenting adventures!  And if you have any other questions, send them on to the


The Obsessive Mother's Guide to Parenting