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I.C.E. Medical Card Now Available at Priority Emergency Room




I.C.E. Medical Card Now Available at Priority Emergency Room

ICE Medical Card Is The Most Important Card You Can Carry
The Woodlands, TX June 10, 2015-The ICE Medical Card is a tool used by first responders and ER personnel to assist those who have been severely injured in an accident. The two main uses are Quick Notification of Loved Ones and Medical history of an injured patient.
Quick Notification of Loved Ones- First Responders and medical personnel work hard to track down next of kin Cell phones are often broken or lost in a serious accident and are usually passcode protected. According to a Delaware State Police Spokesman, “it can can take many hours or a day to contact someone.” With an ICE Medical Card in a wallet or purse, emergency contacts can quickly be found and notified when an individual is involved in an accident or medical emergency.
First Responders and Doctors Can Access Important Medical Information-At the scene of a serious accident, and in the ER, time and information are critical. The more those who are entrusted to save a life know about a person, the better the outcome can be. The ICE Medical Card System allows an individual to store all of critical medical information for easy access by the professionals when needed. Only the cardholder can control this important information. The medical history, allergies, prescriptions, as well as the location of the legal papers and other considerations are all on the card. This information can be updated over the lifetime of the membership.
The ICE Medical Card is available at Priority Emergency Room for $49.95. Discounts are available for multiple cards. Purchases can be made online at or at one of our two locations.
Priority Emergency Room is a free-standing emergency center with locations in The Woodlands and Katy, Texas. Staffed with ER physicians and ER nurses, Priority ER is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with minimal wait times. Priority ER accepts most major health insurance plans. To find out more, please visit

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