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Gymnastics for Toddlers: Who’s at the Top?

Of the sea of possible kinesiology opportunities for toddlers, The Little Gym stands high above the rest and here's why:

My priorities:

Cleanliness. Yes, I know toddlers and cleanliness don’t normally go hand in hand, but it was a priority to me.

  • Yes! The Little Gym had a gorgeous facility. I wasn’t sure spot-free, streak-free windows were possible with toddlers running around, but they are!

Too Strict or Too Out of Control. Neither sound good to me. I want him to clearly have fun but also toddle away with some skills.

  • Yes! He was allowed to explore the equipment away from the group. Any toddler would when he’s exploring padded, gymnastic equipment designed for babies. He was also encouraged to join the group’s singing, developmental movements, and game-playing.

Knowledgeable. I don’t want just anyone doing just anything with my pride and joy.

  • Yes! The teacher paired age-appropriate movements with fun music to encourage development during the group time. She demonstrated numerous techniques for students to use on the equipment while emphasizing safety. My husband was anxious to support George while he dangled from a pole that horizontally sat across a padded structure. Pretty cool stuff.

Affordable. A place may be hands-down amazing, but if it’s not affordable, forget about it

  • Yes! The Little Gym offers multiple payment options that would fit many budgets!

Tips to Make a Fun Time Even Better

  • No shoes for parents in the gym. Wear socks or get a pedicure (My toes were quite the unfortunate mess).
  • Pack a bottle of water. Your child may have worked up a serious thirst on the way home.
  • Pants are better than shorts. George wore gym-like shorts. He didn’t glide well on the padded equipment.
  • No worries if your child strays during group time. Repeat this after me. “It’s okay if my child does his own thing during the group time. He is exploring equipment that is brand new to him.” Now, actually believe it. George explored until they tried out the “wheel barrow” movement. Then, he was on his hands, with me holding his lower body, just like the rest of them.
  • Although the equipment is padded, do stay pretty close to the daredevil-type. George fell from the top of a stairs structure. He was fine with the padding and all, but it still made a mother’s heart drop for just a second. I’m not sure how far a child would need to fall to hurt himself or if any of the equipment is even tall enough for that to happen, but I didn’t exactly want to find out either.
  • Make sure to sign up for the free introductory class online. Hey, it’s a FREE class.

The Little Gym has ten Houston-area locations. You can go to to find the one closest to you.

Upcoming Events


  • Feb 28th – March 18th Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo