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Have a Wildly Fun Time at the Houston Zoo


  • Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My! The Houston Zoo does not disappoint with its variety of animals. You can expect everything from Malayan Tigers and Grizzly Bears to Meerkats and Rattlesnakes. 
  • More Than I Expected. Not only will the animals impress you, but your family can also enjoy 4D Movies, a carousel ride, numerous exhibits and more! Many of these extras are at additional, but reasonable costs. George was beside himself with the carousel ride. The upbeat music and spinning animal characters made his day.
  • Over-the-Top Service. I have to take a moment to mention the Houston Zoo’s top-notch staff. We had people go out of their way to make sure we were comfortable for the 4D movie. We also had no problem finding a staff member happy to redirect us when we were a bit lost trying to find the primate area. 
  • Make a morning of it. I would definitely try to go during a cooler part of the day. I know these times are few and far between lately. Also, there’s so much to see. I wouldn’t try to squeeze errands in on the day you plan to go. Clear your morning and early afternoon schedule and enjoy!
  • Take sunscreen and bug repellent. The sun and mosquitoes are out and for vengeance it seems.
  • Take lots of water. You’ll need it!
  • Pack a picnic lunch. It didn’t take long to run to the car, grab our lunches and eat under a covered bench in the zoo. If your kids want something different, spring for the deli meat and cheese. This might cost a bit more than the pre-packaged, but it’s cheaper than eating out and sure makes for a deliciously different sandwich.
  • Check the Houston Zoo website before you plan your trip. They have different activities like “Meet the Keeper” talks happening at different times and days.
  • Also check the website for membership levels and prices. We have discussed this option. If you plan to spread out your visits (especially if you have smaller children that may not last for long periods of time), this might be a good option for you.