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Handyman Matters Tackles Clutter Creep


   Most of us suffer from “Clutter Creep’. In other words, we don’t just lose the lawn mower at once. Oh no.  More insidiously, we lose first the front wheels, as extra Christmas lights temporarily balance there.  Then the handle disappears, as a quilt just out of the washer needed a place to hang dry. Of course, the kitchen and other interior mysteries are not immune from Clutter Creep. As we transition into Spring and steam roll towards the end of the school year, the pantry has downsized; or the linen closet seems to have exploded. Why did we purchase all that $10.00 per roll wrapping paper at a nickel a roll, when we have no place but the trunk of our car to store those extra 100 rolls?

   Time to enlist the children in tackling the Clutter Creep happening all around your house. After all, where do Handymen come from? From teaching “handy children”. With so much energy to burn, and such a passion to be good helpers, this is the perfect time to enlist and engage the younger members of the family into cleaning up and out.

Outside the House:

   Pulling weeds or raking leaves is not only a simple strength builder, but a chance for a younger child to see the fruits of his labor as part of family backyard clean up. Build twig people in the flower beds from the various broken branches scattered throughout the yard.

   In the garage, give those little hands a pile of rubber bands to safely store the open wrapping paper.  Store the extra paper in a labeled plastic tub and stuff it in the attic.

Inside the House:

    How often does reminding our kids to “clean up their rooms” seems like the last thing on earth an active young person would want to do on a Saturday morning? Try making it a real design project. All kids love to draw. Sit them down with paper and pencil and give them the charge of drawing what they would like to rearrange their bedroom to be. Spatial conceptualization is a skill that will be the bedrock of many math and science courses the kids will eventually take. Developing a theme for his own environment, a child will also reveal his personal style, perhaps comfort ideas we’d not seen before, and a host of healthy bonding discussion topics.

    So before the doldrums of a busy schedule paralyze your household with Clutter Creep and couch potatoes, enlist and inspire your kids to work along side you.  Let the pride in their home shine from their eyes, as well as yours, as Spring cleaning brings new order and opportunities to your home.  Remember a Handyman Matters, so feel free to call in for help with those projects.  We are happy to help contain that clutter and scratch off a few repair chores off your Honey-Do list while we’re at it!

Handyman Matters

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