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Guilt Free Goodness

BerripopNestled among the shops and restaurants that populate Woodlands Waterway Square is Berripop Frozen Yogurt – a bright, modern beacon of joy where residents gather to enjoy a refreshing taste of guilt-free goodness. Frozen yogurt was all the rage back in the 1980s as a lowfat, healthier alternative to ice cream. It was sugary sweet and resembled fast food soft serve with two basic flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Today it is making a comeback with tangy, fruity flavors and a wide selection of toppings sure to satisfy your craving.

“You never know what to expect on any given day at Berripop, but you can always count on good yogurt, good people and a good time. It's all good at Berripop."

Originating in Houston, Texas in 2007, Berripop Frozen Yogurt quickly became the place to go for frozen yogurt. New locations are opening up all across the greater Houston metro area with other markets coming soon. Berripop frozen yogurt is fat free, all-natural and bursting with probiotics. Eating it regularly supports the immune system and helps digestion. It is a great source of protein, which fills you up, provides energy, and stimulates weight loss. Plus, it provides calcium which promotes strong teeth and bones. At Berripop, the motto is “Love Your Body” because as individuals and as a company they support a culture of eating well and taking care of your body.

Berripop Frozen Yogurt in The Woodlands was the first “tart” yogurt shop on the north side of town. Noting Berripop’s rapid success and popularity, other yogurt concepts quickly jumped on the bandwagon, hoping to capture part of the market. But Berripop’s loyal and devoted fan base just keeps growing and growing. This location’s unique allure and family friendly atmosphere are fueled by the manager, co-owner Gina West. Gina and her brother, Bill Parish, launched Berripop’s shop in The Woodlands in July of 2009. Her energy and enthusiasm radiate throughout the shop and earned her the title of Berripop Mom from her staff and customers alike. For this single mom, that is high praise. Her staff is energetic and loyal and have become like family. They truly love working for Gina and it shows. They have fun with their customers who can count on a cheerful friendly face every time they come in. That’s why customers quickly become fans!

Gina’s motivation is her ten-year-old son, Garrett. He is the brand ambassador for the shop and serves as acting vice president of community relations. Garrett has turned his friends into avid fans and brightens up the shop whenever he is there. Gina’s initial goal with opening Berripop was to free up more time allowing her to be with Garrett while preparing for his future. Now he is a vital part of the company.

There is something for everyone at Berripop. Moms have been known to gather together bringing their little ones, strollers and all, to this clean, safe, family-friendly hangout. That’s why so many people think of Berripop when planning birthday parties, impromptu meetings, or after school get-togethers. Conveniently located between the Cinemark Tinseltown movie theater and the entrance to The Woodlands Waterway, it is the perfect way to wrap up a movie outing, to cool off after one of the many Waterway events, or to enjoy a treat after a meal at one of Waterway’s fine restaurants. With the feel of a mom and pop shop, Berripop provides a healthy product with a fun, friendly atmosphere where people of all ages can come in and hang out.

"We are all about family here at Berripop. It started as an idea my brother had after he became a Berripop yogurt addict, so we decided to open a franchise. Once we discovered the perfect spot in The Woodlands Waterway, we just dove in. It has been a wild ride ever since, a ride I really enjoy." – Gina West

Amenities such as free Wi-Fi, upbeat music, and a flat screen TV projecting the hottest music videos that can be enjoyed while sitting on the comfy, puffy orange chairs that attract teens and young families. However, the best part is the tasty yogurt. It is what brings people back again and again. Berripop offers eight flavors and toppings galore so you can create a new tantalizing combination every time you visit. Berripop Original, Raspberry-Pomegranate and Blueberry are always available. Other flavors such as Mango, Peach, Watermelon Strawberry, Black Cherry, Passion Fruit, Acai Berry and now Chocolate, are rotated seasonally and dependent on customer demand. Despite its name, there’s more to Berripop than yogurt.

You can also indulge in shaved ice, parfaits, smoothies and even specialty teas, which can be served iced or hot. You never know what to expect on any given day at Berripop, but you can always count on good yogurt, good people, and a good time. It’s all good at Berripop.

Whatever flavor piques your interest, Berripop is a pure, refreshing treat of non-fat frozen yogurt that is delicious and nutritious. It is made with real, natural yogurt that carries the “Live, Active and Probiotic Cultures” seal and has no artificial growth hormones. Top your yogurt with your choice of fresh, seasonal chopped fruit and other healthy choices like nuts and granola, or satisfy your sweet tooth with cheesecake, mini chocolate chips, or colorful candy pieces. Yogurt never tasted so good!

The next time you’re near The Woodlands, stop in for a refreshing break and enjoy some yummy yogurt. It’s good for you. While you’re there, remember to take some home for later. You’ll be glad you did.