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Great Wolf (PERFECT Business / Family trip) Lodge

            Being pulled in ten different directions is a daily challenge for us parents.  The challenges before me last weekend were: I need content for Summer articles for my favorite magazine (Kidnnected), I have a tenant moving out of our Denton rent house, I have a husband who works on a global application and needed to be online and somewhere quiet to call Tokyo at 6:00 in the morning, and I have two little girls who would have to be dragged along on this adventure.

           As always, Obsessive parenting is about  respecting your children, loving your children, valuing their feelings.  The perfect solution was the Great Wolf Lodge.  As you are managing your family's needs, here's how we pulled off the perfect trip and hopefully this can guide you as well!

           Sunday, we drove to Denton, met with the tenant and inspected the house.  She wasn't ready for me to check her out yet, so we just changed all the door locks, took pictures, and headed to the Lodge.  My sweet girls, who had been in the car for four hours driving and then had to patiently wait while we took care of business, got to play, splash and slide to their heart's content.  It felt wonderful to have given them such a fun experience after they had been so patient. 

           Monday, thanks to the secure wi-fi, my husband was able to work right out of our hotel room.  The girls had breakfast (thanks to the fridge and microwave in the room, we could buy food at Kroger's and not have to make special trips out to restaurants), and watched Great Wolf's kid friendly channel.  I headed off at 5:30 am to check the renter out of our house and do a few hours of maintenance work.  

           As soon as his business call was over, my husband was able to take both kids back to the pool.  With our three year old in their party, they were limited to the baby area, but they still found ways to have fun splashing each other, and cheering her on when she would try the slides.  

          I was able to join them around noon and after a decent shower, relieve my husband from "baby duty" so he and my oldest could climb the big stairs to the super slides.  I wrapped up my day cruising the lazy river with the baby and dodging her attempts to spray me in the baby pool.  

          A highlight of the trip for this Obsessive parent was witnessing their safety drill.  A life guard, incognito in street clothes, snuck into the wave pool and released a child-sized dummy.  The life guard blew his whistle and jumped in the pool less than 10 seconds later.  Of course I stay right with my children when we are in or near a pool (as you should too), but that made me feel even better about taking my children to play there.  

          It was a perfectly pulled off Obsessive weekend.  The baby started to run a little fever Monday afternoon, so we headed home that afternoon, but all in all it was a lovely working vacation.  I am forever grateful to the Great Wolf Lodge for their hospitality, their devoted staff & life guards, their awesome facility, and helping me pull of the perfect business trip!

         Best of luck with all your Obsessive parenting!  If you have any questions you'd like answered, email them to us at and look for your answer in up-coming columns.

Here is where we stayed: