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Go for the laughs, stay for the warmth. An amazing message and a fabulous show!!!!

I had the privilege of seeing Dixie perform last night and all I can say is WOW.  I was expecting a comedy show.  My sides were aching and my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much.  I did not expect to fall in love with Dixie and be moved by a message of community, self-esteem, and hope.  What began as pure fun turned into words that spoke to my soul.  GO SEE THIS SHOW!  4 STARS.

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Here is the back story to the show:

Dixie Longate, the fast-talking Tupperware Lady, packed up her catalogues, left her children in an Alabama trailer park and took Off-Broadway, London & Melbourne by storm! Now, join Dixie as she travels the country throwing good ol’fashioned Tupperware Parties filled with outrageously funny tales, heartfelt accounts, FREE giveaways, audience participation and the most fabulous assortment of Tupperware ever sold on a theater stage. Loaded with the most up-to-date products available for purchase, see for yourself how Ms. Longate became a member of the illustrious “#1 Tupperware Seller in the World” Club, as she educates her guests on the many alternative uses she has discovered for her plastic products! “Not your grandmother’s Tupperware Party!”—NBC Today Show.Contains adult themes and content. Not appropriate for children under 16.

Here’s where you can get tickets:
And here are our Q&A’s we put up for every date night:
Q: What was the goal of the evening:
1) A shared athletic experience
2) A shared emotional experience
3) A shared intellectual experience
4) A shared escapism experience (pure silly fun)
A:  I thought it was going to be pure escapism / silly fun and it turned into a deeply moving shared emotional experience.
Q: Did the date feel more:
1) Geared for the woman (i.e. “chick flick”)*
2) Geared for the man (i.e. sporting event)*
3) Appealed to both sexes
*(Not that men can’t enjoy love stories or women can’t enjoy a good game….)
A: Appealed to both sexes.  Just BRING YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!  The woman sitting next to me was a total “non-participating” grump.  There are ADULT THEMES, meaning references to all forms of s-e-x and lots of cussing, but it is done so lightheartedly that it doesn’t offend.
As you finished the activity, were you more inclined to:
1) Go right to sleep, you’re both exhausted
2) Go to a coffee shop or some place you could talk about the experience
3) Go home and enjoy some cuddle** time
**(or other intimate activities)
A: Go to a coffee shop and talk about the experience, definitely.  
Did you find the location was:
1) Close to home, easy to get to and from and not keep the sitter too late
2) A little far from home – make sure to add travel time to the sitter’s fee
3) Didn’t have to leave the house to enjoy this date
A:  Again, the good theater is all down-town, but that’s only about 40 minutes away.  Easy enough to get there and back again.  Pick a good sitter you feel comfortable with and plan an activity they can all do together.
Looking back on the evening:
1) This was a definite couple activity.
2) It would have been better to take a friend.
A: Either.  I’ll be taking a friend to the show and seeing it again!